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("Computers 4 U, Inc is an Official Grisoft Distributor")

Older News (Removed from main page)

04-2-2006 - Point Pleasant/Henderson, WV and Gallipolis, OH - Our equipment has been installed and is undergoing some tests. We still have a few bugs to work out of the system so it still isn't ready to go at this point. We are expecting to be able to cover the river valley from Gallipolis, OH to the other end of Point Pleasant, WV. We are currently working with JB Wireless (from Bidwell, OH) to pull in faster speeds and a more stable link. Good things come to those who wait!
Click here for a map of our expected coverage area!

- Lesage/Greenbotton, WV/Crown City, OH- We have also installed the new link to Crown City and putting it under some tests as well. Everything seems to be running fine at this point in time. Anyone in this area wishing to get service should call to be put on our waiting list.
03-14-2006 - Point Pleasant/Henderson, WV and Gallipolis, OH - Big news folks, as of this month we have signed with WBYG "Big Country" to use their tower in Point Pleasant, WV. From this tower we will be able to cover the Ohio River Valley with wi-fi broadband internet! We tried installing our equipment last weekend however we got rained out. We are standing by for a good weekend in order to start testing the equipment and doing coverage test. Any folks interested should contact us to be put on our waiting list.
- Lesage/Greenbotton, WV/Crown City, OH- Our repeater equipment for Crown City is now in and undergoing heavy testing. We are planning on installing it within the next couple weeks. New customers should contact us for a cheaper install rate (Installs are going from $400 to $200 avg. for this area soon).
02-05-2006- Lesage/Greenbotton, WV/Crown City and Now parts of Miller, OH- Many things are in the making. Today we upgraded our main access/security server (sorry about the downtime). Many bug fixes and more security as well as another backup server is our goal which did require a short 2 hour downtime today. On the other side we are planing a repeater in both Crown City, OH and Miller OH in the near future. From this day on: Any internet client of ours who needs PC repair will now recieve $10 off the normal service fee (onsite or inshop). Thanks to EVERYONE now supporting "Our Community Internet Network"
10-10-2005- Lesage/Greenbotton, WV/Crown City and Now parts of Miller, OH- FREE Internet? So what's the big catch you may ask. It's as simple as this folks... support our drive to provide our home community with broadband and we'll give out a small bit for free!!! (some legal blocks may apply). Computers 4 U, Inc can be a friend and give you something for nothing or more for something. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors... C4U_I2U Wireless.... break the lines and experience the area's FIRST FREE Broadband Providor, "Can you afford us now?"
9-25-2005- Webhosting and Email (Webmail/Pop) are now in beta testing phase. Send email to: todd@pcs4u.com
- Point Pleasant, WV- Sorry, we're full and don't want to ruin the service for our already paying clients. We are no longer taking new clients in the Point Pleasant, WV area at this time. Please check back later for a est time or send email to be placed on our waiting list to todd@pcs4u.com
9-10-2005- Lesage, WV/Crown City and Now parts of Miller, OH- SPECIAL: Signup now and get installed for free and the rest of the current month of service for FREE! (Equipment cost charged up front). If your not happy with our service then we will collect our equipment and refund your money in FULL (wow, no risk tryout). Don't wait another minute and signup today with the area's ONLY broadband provider! C4U_I2U Wireless, piping the internet 2 U.
8-18-2005- Lesage, WV/Crown City and Now parts of Miller, OH- The T1 is installed and undergoing testing. Enjoy... we are now ready to start taking new clients for this area. Computers 4 U, Inc is proud to be the areas FIRST and ONLY... High Speed Broadband Internet! Join us today.
7-24-2005- Lesage, WV/Crown City and Now parts of Miller, OH- The T1 has been ordered and it should take 30-45 days for it to be up and running (however expect a delay as they may have issues running it so far). We have touched up a few server rules and added more equipment to our tower. Signal levels should be much higher and in the event a unit goes down on the tower we now have a fail over. Within these next 2 months, we will be working hard adding new features, servers and testing many many things. I have notice that our main connection to the internet is failing at times (sorry but it's going and this is why a T1 is on the way). These problems WILL go away once the line is in place. Please be patiencent with us through these times as in the end... it's all part of being the first and reliable broadband for Lesage and Greenbottom, WV as well as Crown City and Miller, OH.
- Point Pleasant, WV - Worried about how stable we are? Worry no more as the base now belongs to us! That's right; we have just bought the building where our main office is. We're not planning on going anywhere for a very long time (at least without a good fight!). Computers 4 U, Inc is currently taking steps in ensure you have good permanent services from someone your trust ALWAYS! Thank you for choosing Computers 4 U, Inc.
7-9-2005- EVERYONE - Stay virus clean and buy AVG today here online and get two years of free downloads and free email tech support.
- Point Pleasant, WV - Most services are now backup and running since our lighting damage. We are planning on adding more bandwidth for this area shortly.
- Redmond Ridge, WV - Services are running well, we are ready to start adding members in this area.
- Lesage, WV - We have replaced our antenna with a sector. We are currently waiting on a higher powered and faster unit to come in, then we will be adding another sector to our tower to increase speeds and signal levels for everyone. We also should have a T1 for this area within a couple months. We still need more members, spread the word.
7-1-2005- Lesage, WV/Crown City, OH- This area is now pushing a few free users as well as a new testing point in Crown City, OH. We are now planning on adding a repeater there to bring down signup cost and raise the signal for this area. Also we will be adding a MP3/Movie share of our own in the next few days however ONLY paying members will be able to access this (5gigs of MP3's, just click and within a minute you'll have the song). We are also looking over the paperwork for bringing a T1 to the area. We need paying members.... please help us or we may have to end the free service for this location.
6-10-2005- Lesage, WV -After basic testing we are carring a 4.5 mile coverage including Crown City, OH (see area map for details).
- P2P downloading programs are currently being blocked as discovered from this location. Due to speed penilties enforced by our bandwidth provider at this time we cannot contiune to allow these services as it ruins the service for everyone. If we can reach our goal of 15 paying clients then we can change our service and open these services backup to you. Please help support this service and bring faster broadband to this area.
6-5-2005- Lesage, WV -Our tower is now in place and broadcasting. Once we have completed our coverage test we will be chaning the map for this area. We hope to pull 15 clients from this area as soon as possible so we can upgrade our speeds.
5-26-2005- Redmond Ridge, WV - Testing is now in place for this location, call for details.
- Lesage, WV -Base of our tower has been put into place.
5-21-2005- Point Pleasant, WV - We have removed all testing antenna's from our roof except one. If you are now experiencing downtime please contact us.
- Redmond Ridge, WV - Our new stable link is now in place and under beta test. Anyone living is this area interested in tring out the service please give us a call for a free site survey.
5-15-2005- Redmond Ridge, WV - Testing is now underway for another wireless AP on Redmond Ridge, WV once again widening our range in the Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH area. We are planning on setting up a more stable link for more testing this week with weather permitting. Coverage areas will be posted as soon as we have completed our basic tests.

- Lesage, WV/Crown City, OH - now has a 50FT tower laying on the ground waiting to be built. Plans on laying our base in concrete are planned for this coming weekend with weather permitting. Our base will at least need to set for 1 week before the tower can be finished. We are currently working on a deal to bring VERY high speeds to this area within the next couple months.

5-12-2005Glad to hear JBNETS (JBWireless) is back up and running in some areas in Point Pleasant, Gallipolis and Henderson. Contact them to get reconnected.
4-17-2005Details on tower usage in the Point Pleasant area are now in progress, a much wider coverage area may take place sometime this summer, please stay tuned. After field study our Lesage Tower should be able to cover ALL of the major Crown City, OH Area.
4-1-2005We are working on getting some tower space in Point Pleasant, WV for a wider coverage in the Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH. We are also waiting on a 40FT Rohn Tower to come in for our Lesage, WV and Crown City, OH location. Still beta testing both locations, call now to become a tester. Email services and website hosting coming soon.
2-21-2005We are currently starting to sell our Wireless Internet in Point Pleasant, Henderson and Gallipolis OH. Avg setup costs range from $175 and up. The closer you are the cheaper the setup. Monthly plans start at free (56K) to Unlimited Networks for $39.95 per month. Call for more details.
2-20-2005We now have our Lesage, WV Access Point in Place and testing.
2-20-2005We are currently building our wireless network to cover a wider area. Please be patient under these test.

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"Computers 4 U... Internet 2 U"


Service Agreement


1. When you use C4U_I2U Services it constitutes your acceptance of the terms of this Agreement.

2. Use of C4U_I2U Internet Access accounts is expressly limited to the MAC/Name and Address that appears on this Agreement.

3. All users are responsible for all hardware and software necessary to connect to the C4U_I2U systems and to the Internet. Our technical support department is available for installs and repairs (additional cost may apply).

4. User agrees to use the account in a manner consistent with any and all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This agreement is made in and shall be construed under the laws of the United States and the States of West Virginia and Ohio. User expressly agrees that his account may be suspended or terminated, without notice, if the User breaches any part of this Agreement.

5. User agrees that the account is for "Unlimited USE", and NOT "Unlimited Connect Time", also known as "camping on". User agrees that failure to adhere to this condition will constitute violation of the terms of this agreement, and will permit C4U_I2U to discontinue the account and refuse reinstatement. User and C4U_I2U mutually agree that as long as the user is actually present at the computer AND ACTIVELY USING THE CONNECTION, connection time is not limited. This means no peer to peer downloading programs.

6. If user is less that 16 years of age, this Agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for all charges related to the use of User's account(s). Visit our service center for this agreement.

7. User is responsible for all use of User's account(s) and confidentiality of password(s).

8. Use of "phantom", or non-existent e-mail addresses for messages sent from users of the C4U_I2U is strictly forbidden. Sending of anonymous e-mail messages, or posting anonymous messages on any portion of the C4U_I2U server, including web pages, are prohibited. Mass mailing, also known as "spam", "unsolicited commercial e-mail", "junk e-mail", or "bulk e-mail" is expressly prohibited from and to the C4U_I2U server. Use of your C4U_I2U account to engage in the practice of "mail bombing" is expressly prohibited, and will result in the cancellation of the account responsible. Participation in any illegal activity, including but not limited to false or fraudulent messages, chain letters, or other illegal solicitation or mailing is strictly prohibited, and may result in suspension of service. Customer agrees that his/her use of the service will be within the bounds of the "CAN-SPAM" law of the United States. Anyone outside our system wishing to send e-mail into our system, and therefore using our system, also agrees to abide by the terms of the "CAN-SPAM" law of the United States. Sending mail into, or viewing web pages on our system, constitutes "use" of our system, and thus agreement with the terms of this Agreement.

9. Accessing, or attempting to access another user's computer, whether a customer of C4U_I2U or otherwise, is absolutely prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, use of programs and/or hardware to "scan" or "probe" other systems on the network, whether on the C4U_I2U  local or wide area network, or other systems out on the Internet. Any type of "hacking" of ANY system is strictly prohibited. These same prohibitions apply to any system connected to the network, whether a customer's computer or any server or other device. C4U_I2U actively monitors for such activity on the network, and when detected, the account responsible for the activity may be discontinued without warning. Such activity will NOT be tolerated.

10. C4U_I2U reserves the right to refuse service to anyone violating any of the terms of this agreement. This includes refusing service to an internal customer, as well as refusing incoming mail and/or web services to outside parties wishing to utilize our facilities. Harassment by, or to our customers is grounds for refusal of service under the terms of this Agreement. Outside parties e-mailing our customers with unwanted mail, commercial or otherwise, for which complaints are received, will be blocked from further sending to our network. Harassing e-mails, whether from or to our customers, are subject to blocking and will be reported to the proper authorities.

11. C4U_I2U reserves the right to block any incoming e-mail that it deems to be "spam", or Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. C4U_I2U will be the sole determiner of the definition of "spam". C4U_I2U also reserves the right to block any incoming e-mails at the request of a customer if that customer files a complaint regarding such messages.

II. BILLING (No billing at this point)

1. User agrees to pay C4U_I2U all charges relating to the use of User's account(s) according to rates and prices published online at the time the service is used. Online rates and pricing are incorporated into this Agreement by reference.

2. Access is subject to credit limits established by the issuer of User's credit card and by C4U_I2U. We may suspend User's access to the service if User exceeds his or her credit limit unless prior arrangements have been made.

3. User is responsible for charges before service is given and C4U_I2U may apply the amount due to the User's credit card at any time.

4. C4U_I2U shall charge your account a fee of $4.95, compounded monthly, liquidated damage charge and late fee for any and all delinquent accounts. User expressly agrees that User will pay all reasonable costs of collection including court costs and reasonable attorney's fees.

5. Fees are due in advance of the period for which service is provided, and are non-refundable.

6. C4U_I2U reserves the right to suspend access to service for User's account(s) for delinquent payments or rejection of charges.

7. A returned check charge of $25.00 will apply to all checks returned by the bank for any reason, including, but not limited to insufficient funds, closed account, etc. Any account for which a returned check is received will be immediately debited for the amount of the check, and if that action causes the account to be delinquent, the account will be suspended until payment of the amount due, plus the returned check fee is received.

8. User agrees that dialup numbers used to access the internet vary in location. C4U_I2U will not be responsible for long distance charges. C4U_I2U advises checking with your local phone company to see if the number you are dialing is a long distance call before using. III. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY

1. Much of the information available on the Internet is patented, copy written or trademarked and the property of the copyright, trademark or patent holder. Users must bear in mind that intellectual property laws limit the rights of Users to redistribute or commercially exploit copy written, trademarked or patented material to any third party without the express written permission of the owner(s) of the intellectual property. C4U_I2U will suspend any User's account upon receipt of notice of a User's potential or actual infringement of intellectual property laws. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless C4U_I2U from any infringement User's potential or actual infringement of applicable intellectual property laws.


C4U_I2U will use its best efforts to provide you, the User, with continuous, high quality Internet Access. The Internet is a decentralized network of computer systems throughout the world. There is no "system administrator" over the whole Internet, and because of the decentralized nature of the Internet, the quality and availability of any particular service or services is highly variable. As such, C4U_I2U cannot guarantee you that the particular service will always be available. We do however try our best to make you (the end user) happy! Consequently, Internet access is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Further, C4U_I2U does not warrant, guarantee or make any representations regarding the use, or the results of the use of the service. In the event that C4U_I2U is unable to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement because of hardware and/or software failure, natural disaster, actions or decrees of governmental bodies or communication line failure not the fault of the affected party, the party who has been so affected immediately shall give notice to the other party and where C4U_I2U is able to do so, it shall use its best efforts to resume performance. You, the User, have the sole remedy of the return of your fee for the time that all of your access to the internet service is interrupted by the failure of C4U_I2U to provide you with access to the Internet network.


1. C4U_I2U reserves the right to change, without notice, certain aspects of the service, including but not limited to: Access procedure, hours of operation, menu structure, commands, documentation and services offered.

2. C4U_I2U reserves the right to delete User's account(s) when not accessed for more than 60 days old, or if the account is delinquent more than 30 days.

3. C4U_I2U reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to delete any information entered into the C4U_I2U system by User. C4U_I2U have the right, but are not obligated, to edit information submitted by User for storage and public access.

4. User agrees that any material submitted for publication does not violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, proprietary rights of others, and does not contain anything obscene or libelous, and does not constitute a personal attack on any other person.


1. Entire Agreement and Amendments. This Agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no representations, oral or otherwise, other than those expressly set out herein. This Agreement shall not be varied in any particular or respect except by a written instrument executed in the same manner and formality as this Agreement is executed.

2. Severability. In the event any of the provisions of this Agreement are deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the same shall be deemed severable from the remainder of this Agreement. If such provision shall be deemed invalid due to its scope and breadth, such provision shall be deemed valid to the extent of the scope or breadth permitted by law.

3. Use of the service constitutes your full and complete acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. If you accept ALL responsibility then CLICK the "ACCEPT" button to agree to these Terms of Service.

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About US

"Just Down Home Honest Support!"

Take it from a group of guys who were raised in the area and care about the community like we do. Computers 4 U, Inc has a combined crew of which we all have well over 10 years of professional experience in the computer repair industry. We've grown up with different companies through the years allowing us to build a large versatile knowledge in various areas within the industry. Today, we concentrate on combining our knowledge to bring the area the BEST down home combination you can find! "It's not about making the buck.... it's about making all those smiling faces!"
Here's a short list of services we are already providing:

- Professional Computer and Networking design and repair -
- In shop or Onsite Service -
- Dialup Internet -
- Wireless Internet -
- Website/Email Hosting and Design -
- Our honest opinion -

Computers 4 U, Inc was established in March 2003 and contiunes to grow. We always strive to bring the community the lastest in computer technology. We hope you enjoy your stay and our professional services. Checkout below to see our lastest project...
Computers 4 U - Internet 2 U.

The Towers

Lesage, WV
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Point Pleasant, WV
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Wireless Client Setups

2.4 GHz Installs
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900 MHz Installs
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Meet the crew that makes it happen

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JBNet's - Thanks for all the help guys!
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The Views

Point Pleasant
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Software For Hotels With Restaurant

ACS-line Hotel System covers all the requirements for complete stay of a guest in a hotel or pension and takes care of effective and comfortable hotel operation. Quore has more than 30 powerful software features designed to improve your hotel's operations and increase guest satisfaction. Assistance in data import: you won't lose any data during the transition from your current PMS to SabeeApp. Paxer ha sido de gran ayuda al tener buen nivel de reportes, y al tener control de la ocupación en nuestros teléfonos móviles.

So it is important for a hotel and other lodging providers to do educated comparisons to select the best hotel management software solution for their requirements. Lightspeed imports all contacts and check ins from ManCloud which allows you to put tickets on room or guest name.

All the information about card usage are processed by the service software and guest's hotel account is accordingly billed. Ellen Huerst is in charge of successfully positioning and developing our product strategies in the Benelux Area and is located in Amsterdam.

At least one permanent luxury suite available comprising of three separate rooms -bedroom, lounge and bathroom. A central reservation system can also interface with worldwide global distribution systems that are used by travel agents and airlines to book rooms for guests.

Oracle Hospitality's OPERA Property is a comprehensive and scalable solution that is available at three levels (Premium, Standard, and Lite) and is also available for both cloud and installed deployment. Talk to one of our specialist and learn how we can help you improve your hotel's performance.

In principle hotel phone systems don't differ hugely from regular business telephone phone solutions, but certain business phone models are simply more suited to hospitality than others. Adult and child rates can be entered separately. If you are embarking on the development of a new digital product, or looking to extend the feature set of an existing solution, the iRiS Guest API provides a way to accelerate and de-risk your delivery by leveraging our platform modules.

It is a solution, offered by Opera for hotels or chains that apply for customer loyalty programs. The software is ready for hosting and is optimized for independent hotels, hotels chains and hospitality service providers that want a complete web based hotel software system in their own servers.

For hotel industry, we have introduced easy-to-use hotel software, known as ASI FrontDesk. This card authorizes and monitors movement of the guest within the hotel and his or her usage of various services. A PMS is at the heart of hotel operations, helping with efficiency and guest experience, it is an indispensable hotel tool.

Our advisors have recommended this product 1 times in the last 30 days. Displays summarized data of the hotel's quarterly performance in terms of available rooms, total nights sold etc. Maintenance management - With this feature you can track property ownership, rental info such as taxes, leases, etc., and work orders, schedule maintenance, and communicate with maintenance employees.

Each Green Solution outlines the action the hotel must take (such as replacing incandescent bulbs in guest rooms), and provides detailed steps to implement the solution. It doesn't help that the same hotel may have three different ratings depending on the travel website you visit or the tourist guidebook you read.

Similarly, it manages the reservations in real time by monitoring the occupancy rates of the catering departments of the chain member facilities such as seminar and conference hall. Our web PMS effortlessly supports multiple rates and rate types in a single stay booking.

Within just a 10-minute drive from the Wrocław's Old Town, Wieniawa features spacious rooms with a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. HORES allows you to manage your operation quickly and easily, so you'll be able to concentrate more on your guests. At Antfor we design, develop and implement multi-platform software for hotel management, while we advise clients on improving all associated operational processes.

It includes features like guest folios, check-in and check-out confirmations, advance deposit alerts, integrated POS, and information sharing capabilities across multiple platforms. Interfaces to all major 3rd party CRS systems such as Sabre / SynXis, Genares, InnLink, Megnasun are available from ASI.

Ericsoft uses the data that collected for two reasons: (1) to provide the services offered, (2) to send communications, including informational and promotional ones. 4) Easy connection with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to manage room rates, availability, etc.

We have earned a reputation for providing innovating and world-class hospitality software solutions, with effective execution and cutting edge technology competence. The hotels availability is automatically updated to the booking engine and also reservations are downloaded automatically.

The environment of all sitting areas of excellent quality and condition, and of sufficient size and with well-designed layout to provide generous personal space and software hotel privacy for guests. RateGain is a key partner in our effort to develop online distribution strategy with their hotel channel manager and hotel revenue optimization.

Reason 1 - Connect on the go: A hotel reservation system being hosted in the cloud means hoteliers can manage reservations remotely, at any time, 24x7x365. Update your rates and availability from one centralised extranet, and Little Hotelier will handle the rest.

HOTEL SOFTWARE Brilliant Hospitality

THE ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR HOTELIERS, B&BS AND SELF-CATERING OWNERS LOOKING TO STREAMLINE THEIR OPERATIONS AND MAXIMISE THEIR REVENUE. Even though transient bookings (short-term stays) remained flat in the last quarter of 2016, TravelClick's November 2016 North American Hospitality Review shows an improved 2017 , with a 6.8 percent boost in occupancy in the group segment. Learn more about SynXis Property Manager and find out if this solution is the right choice for your hotel or chain.

With exclusive access to a laptop for the duration of the course students learn to implement and practice their newly gained knowledge. This is the only way we can avoid mistakes and offer our guests a truly personal service and tailored experience. ASI CRS also offers a tight seamless direct 2-way interface to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDS) worldwide such as Pegasus, Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and others.

The automated portion of the night audit process takes less than 5 minutes of computer processing time, and includes the settlement of credit cards, posting of room & tax to all in-house folios, report generation, and changing the myHMS system date. Automation improves control - Automated cloud-based systems enable hoteliers to enhance efficiency and save time.

Inngenius automatically changes the occupied rooms statuses to Full Service” after certain period of time. Navigation from data to detail, application of multiple filters in all dimensions, breakdown of results, grouping and consolidation of information, etc.

It has become the preferred solution of many Hotels and Hotel chains. Because each guest is unique, we place the customer experience at the core of our management solutions. Our powerful channel manager makes it easy to manage the prices and availability for your hotel for all of your chosen channels.

OfiHotel , últimas 3 instalaciones realizadas. The quick and uncomplicated monitoring of the current hotel booking status and their changes, with comparisons to your planning and historical data. Property partners should not post on behalf of guests or offer incentives in exchange for reviews.

In-house room transfers & reservation room # changes can be done via drag & drop. Take advantage of a state-of-the-art property management system that has all the tools you need to help simplify your operations. Access to up-to-the minute reservation data means a quicker response to rate changes.

FX I/ is a central repository and gateway of critical data, from the hotel PMS to the outside world. I found Inn-genius 3 years ago, the same year when they were founded. Offers an exciting new way to provide integrated theater, stadium and attraction ticketing services with total venue management capability.

360 approach - We can provide technology for almost every aspect of running a hotel, so you only have to pick up the phone once. Using a variety of devices and platforms such as smartphones and tablets, staff can easily access real time hotel reservation or guest profile information on the go and can service guests from anywhere on property.

As you serve each of your guests individually, we serve each of our clients individually. Unlock positive guest reviews about your property. The best hotel management software connects you directly with sophisticated channel managers of your choice. RoomRaccoon's online hotel booking software calculates the invoices automatically.

Selecting hotel management software is not dependent upon the number of rooms or hotel chains you own. Stephen Yie and currently has a branch office located in Jl. Pengiyasan Raya No. 2B, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan. Conoce exactamente la ocupación, los ingresos por habitación, la cantidad de reservas por medio.

Subscribe to get monthly updates and this free infographic on the top 20 hotel management software. Development & research. Best of all, every guest's full itinerary is accessible with one simple number from any terminal on your property. The conference centre uses a separate lobby and bar and has 4 conference/meeting rooms which can accommodate up to 250 people in total.

The AAA and their affiliated bodies use diamonds instead of stars to express hotel and restaurant ratings levels. Mytruehotel is one of the most user friendly property management software there is, the working is almost effortless. It can be integrated with 3rd party revenue management software.

Hotel management is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Little Hotelier's feature rich, simple to use, responsive booking engine means you software hotel can take instant, direct bookings from your own website, Facebook and mobile devices 24/7. Hi, I write from Italy and I manage a little hotel.

Some cloud-based models offer great flexibility to select a plan as per your requirement. Sync all your reservations from over 80 booking channels with the Channel Manager powered by HotelRunner. So, without an argument, a Hotel Management System is the way to go if you want to get the maximum out of your investment with your software automation in your hotel.

Available in the cloud, accessible on any device. Online reservations are available to help you save costs. Excellent staffing levels with wellstructured and dedicated teams with depth in management levels. Standing Intruder: It's activated since 3 rejets of different cards in the same lock in less than 1hour time.

Best Hotel Management Software Reviews List & Comparisons

Hotel ServicePro is the lodging industry's most significant technology development in the past ten years. No fees to a 3rd party reservations service when guests make reservations on your own website. No hidden costs, no service costs and no commissions. However a hotel reservation system makes life so much easier; with an integrated system, all customer and booking information is synced across all channels and is updated simultaneously, in real time.

By interconnection with other systems, one can further expand the possibilities, such as room heating based on occupancy, cooperation with EZS or EPS, lift control, etc. Special packages may include romantic getaways, a chocolate experience or they may be focused on the season.

Search function for locating guests, folios and room types or numbers in the calendar chart. Two-way Revenue Management System (RMS) interface software hotel so so that the RMS can analyze pace &pickup 24/7 so as to provide optimum pricing recommendations to your revenue manager or general manager.

Uses data to provide customised environmental performance benchmarking, taking into account hotel location, brand and outfitting. Send your prices, availability, minimum stay, and much more to all your online distributors by just a click on a button and receive more bookings online.

El camarero podrá dejar abiertas las mesas, cobrar, realizar cargos directamente a la habitación, etc. To find out more about SiteMinder and how it can improve your hotel, begin your free demo today. Atrae, alcanza y convierte usuarios en huéspedes con una suite de productos galardonada.

It is by choosing of a proper property management system, so that developers and owners of a hotel could increase the efficiency and management of hotel's operational performance every day. From the beginning of your guests' online booking journey until the completion of their stay and their feedback once they return home, it is necessary for your hotel management technology to enhance their experience with your brand.

To ensure the quality of participation in the IHG Green Engage system, hotels that reach any level of certification undergo a third-party assurance process administered by Deloitte. You also will want to select hotel management technology that is affordable.

It's not exactly a revelation that if you want to run a successful hotel, you need guests. A special team of Fidelity experts provides the first and second level of support for our clients locally and for our distributors worldwide. Forget being tied to your front desk waiting for bookings to come in. Log into Little Hotelier's cloud-based hotel property management software from anywhere at any time using your mobile, tablet or desktop.

Get an idea about your hotel's overall occupancy on a daily basis from this hotel report. The use of hotel software for one's daily operations is beneficial to every type of hotel - be it a resort, independent properties, Bed and Breakfast and more. 눇The hotel rooms were nice and clean.

Development of products and applications, fully integrated with the leading solutions, technological advances and platforms in the industry. It offers the possibility of gathering and transforming the data into useful information with the purpose of finding those competitive advantages in the answers to the business questions.

Your hotel software must provide detailed reports and audit trails of various departments (e.g. housekeeping, POS, accounts, etc.) Reports must give a deeper insight on the revenue generation. The Booking Button converts your website traffic into confirmed commission-free reservations with a modern hotel booking engine.

According to the anti-terrorism Pisanu Law and EU DIRECTIVE 2006/24/EC, each Internet Service Provider (in this case YOU), are required to store customer details, and to track Internet user activity by storing visited URLs into the log. All prices listed above are for hotels with between one and 25 rooms—prices go up if you have more rooms than that.

All services Inngenius provides are included in the price. Sage Intacct hospitality software shows you the entire picture. Nuestros productos tienen conexión con herramientas muy útiles para los hoteles: Paypal, Mercado Pago, Trivago, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google Analytics, Sistemas de Encuestas son sólo algunos ejemplos.

Manage the availability of rooms in real-time. Although there are no details available on which hotels currently have Assa Abloy's Vision security system installed, it is likely that any attacks against hotels would be targeted rather than indiscriminate. 눇Very good hotel for travellers with additional services.

With the Host software generation, you will have a complete and integrated system for your hotel. Increase operational efficiency, optimize your occupancy and maximize online revenue. Since 1994 we have been continuously focused on our clients' needs and their feedback, resulting in hotel software that is simple for you to learn and use, extremely reliable, and very cost effective due to its low support requirements.

RoomRaccoon's hotel booking software is simple to use so that you and your colleagues are able to enjoy it immediately. Connectivity of hotels to GDS, online travel agents as well as mobile booking engines. Rely on Jive for reliable, scalable, low-cost service that integrates with your property management system.

You can help us grow more while earning decently along the way by becoming a reseller. Mejora la productividad, optimiza los flujos de trabajo y aumenta la eficiencia del personal de Pisos. We have more than 70 million property reviews, and they're all from real, verified guests.

Resident Pro Hotel Software Hotel Management Software The Technology Behind Hotels

Inn-Flow's robust accounting software is designed for multi-property operators enabling you to generate universal reporting across brands. Meet all your needs for excellent guest service and successful property management. 3 These new functionalities are mainly used by guests on their own mobile devices or such provided by the hotel in lobbies and/or rooms. All the permissions of the guest are of course tied with guest's stay in the hotel.

The rooms are comfortable, equipped to modern standards and include free Internet access. Hotel management software is technology that allows hotel operators and owners to streamline their administrative tasks while also increasing their bookings in both the short- and long-term.

Hoteliers will be able to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. The system is capable of managing your entire organisation including your marketing, sales, hotel operations, HR, accounting and finance departments. All areas of operation should meet the Four Star level of quality for cleanliness, maintenance and hospitality, and for the quality of physical facilities and delivery of services.

Having streamlined and easy check in and checkout processes is important for both the guest experience and hotel efficiency. Whether it is your own booking engine, OTA or GDS you can manage it all from one easy to use screen. Including Closeouts, Close-to-Arrival and Length-Of-Stay (LOS) restrictions for minLOS, maxLOS, and softLOS, that defines a stay-thru restriction on room nights.

Star Ratings are awarded to properties across six accommodation types - hotels, motels, serviced apartments, self-catering, hosted accommodation and caravan-holiday parks - following a physical inspection by qualified reviewers. No matter what your answer is, having your website is imperative to drive direct bookings Guests who look up to your website for information and rates need to be driven to make direct bookings and help you retain the entire share of profits.

Proprietor and/or staff on site all day and as a minimum on call to resident guests at night. With this Hotel software you can organize everything 'in house'. Integrated guest self-service app, automatic mailers, hotel kiosk, tablet check in. Encontré esta herramienta que no solo es un motor de reservas, si no la gestión al completo de mi hotel...

Hotel software specially built for small to medium size Hotels, Hostels and apartments. Shown here is one of the many ways to use ASTA hotel systems. With this data, special rates can be set for mobile bookings. Offer room upgrades that boost your revenue numbers.

The exploitation outlines have been fully implemented, enabling us to tackle the accounting or hotel system or any other third party software as we wish. It is evident that a larger hotel can benefit from a system that provides ease for guests and valuable data for managers.

Hotel PMS can have a positive impact on a hotel and its operations. Transferring restaurant bills to rooms folios is a given which can be tracked or edited with a couple of clicks. We will migrate all your data from an existing system and import your products, stock and customer data.

Without this seamless integration, hoteliers can find themselves lacking both the time to deliver on the promise of excellent guest service and the revenue to keep those operations running. Any booking made online is updated automatically in the chosen property management system.

Automating your business with a management software can be a great solution for this. Below is the list of best hotel management software for a small-sized hotel. In this post, Tigernix experts explain you the difference between a Hotel Management System and a Property Management System, so you can decide what fits you the best depending on your requirements.

No encontrará un proveedor de software hotel en el sector que le ofrezca más soluciones. Going further, eZee's desktop based hotel software is packed with numerous prevailing functionalities that make it easy for you to manage your daily operations while improving your overall guest services.

Distribution system - You can use a PMS that integrates seamlessly with Channel Manager to expand your market reach and boost revenue. Updates, upgrades, and patches are done automatically, saving hotels time and money. Karibu is an incredible affordable easy to use complete all-in-one hotel software.

Get an instant overview of your hotel business across all of your locations and devices. Purchase of any optional software, hardware, or services requires an active Service Contract for Check-Inn. Choosing the right hotel management system can save on average 4 working hours a day.

Permissions to enter one or more rooms including concerning facilities (main entrance, wellness) are assigned to particular hotel card. When you're looking for cloud based hotel software to help you manage your property, it's tough to know what to look for.

Our Hospitality Management Solution plays a vital role in the flawless working of entire operations and management. The star rating system was designed to measure software hotel the quality of hotels. An advanced cloud based PMS software that helps you run all your operations smoothly and accurately, and helps you keep your guests happy.

Get all the benefits of a full-time revenue manager without the cost. This Monkport software entails a host of features aimed at automating hotel management. Entire process is automated, and follows the rules you specify: duration of the free trial, number of logins per day, available bandwidth quota, download and upload rate, time of day when free access is available, and much more.

Sistema De Gestión Hotelera

We believe that all hotel guests deserve the best possible experience. Information includes room types, room rates, conditions, inventories, plan rate architecture, reservation information, graphical information in the form of video, pictures and detailed hotel information like address, phone and fax numbers and geographical code information.

While biometric locks - whereby guests use facial recognition or fingerprints to access their room - are unlikely to catch on soon (people would be too nervous about their personal data being abused), cloud-based security systems that could be monitored and updated in real-time are probably the next step.

Nuestra experiencia con Paxer ha sido muy positiva desde que nos cambiamos, nuestros clientes al ser 2 públicos muy distintos reservan muy anticipadamente como descanso planificado, muy encima de la fecha según condiciones meteorológicas para sus deportes.

Filling registration cards can be done by guests online, so then one click checks them in. Additionally, registration cards can be set to include the fields you need and export for local tax purposes can be customized to match authority requirements.

ASA's PMS is the ideal tool to help you manage every process throughout the guest journey: extra services are recorded in the system either automatically or in just a few clicks; hotel departments like the restaurant, bar, housekeeping and spa are connected with reception and back office.

Reason 3 - Reduce booking errors and improve reservations: Without a hotel reservation system hoteliers would have to handle an enormous database of customer information along with other parameters and bookings from various vendors with minimal errors - this, to say the least would be difficult, if not impossible.

For instance, the longer it takes to push availability, rates and inventory to booking channels, or the longer it takes to sync information between different systems, the more likely that your staff and your guests will have to wait for that information - with the potential for delays that can cost time as well as revenue.

The integration of applications for mobile devices with the hotel PMS is essential to optimise the guest's experience, receive software hotel more personalised service and supply the hotel or chain with all analytical information, both automatically and efficiently.

Desde un smatphone Tablet podrás planificar las tareas del equipo, actualizar las tareas asignadas, obtener en tiempo real la información que provenga desde recepción (Check-out, No Molestar, Prioridades), abrir Partes de Averías registrar Objetos Olvidados, imputar cargos de Minibar Lavandería directamente a la habitación bien bloquear habitaciones.

Traditionally motel owners want to automate their computer operations so they don't need to manage their daily activities in old school ways. - View all hotel operations in real time from anywhere. There are a gym and a fitness center provided at Wm Hotel System Sp. Z..

Cloudbeds helped us improve the daily management of our property. Base7booking is an easy-to-use PMS that helps users reduce their working time in the office. The price may further be affected if you're in a different country, or if you run a hostel, bed and breakfast, or vacation rental.

This is another example of OTAs moving toward selling B2B services to hotels in addition to their core consumer-focused business. Quinyx is helping restaurants and hotels throughout Europe do this through better workforce management. We offer 9 preferred hotel brands, built on customer insight.

Room inventory, room rates, housekeeping tasks, accounting and more can be done easily via a cloud-based property management system. What's your favorite small hotel PM solution to use? Stop updating OTAs separately, keying in bookings or rushing to manually send a stopsale.

Country House Hotel : A hotel with ample grounds or gardens set in a rural or semi-rural situation; the property has an emphasis on peace and quiet. We call this True Hospitality - the ability to know your guests' unique expectations and deliver experiences that exceed those expectations, time after time.

Generally owned by a sole proprietor, these hotels offer modest rooms with nothing more than a bed and bathroom. Tendrá mecanizada la actividad de los restaurantes, salones y cafeterías (módulo OFIBARMAN incluido en OFIHOTEL) con un manejo realmente sencillo, ya que las ventas se efectúan mediante pantallas táctiles.

No need to manage different interfaces - control over rooms and rates belongs to the PMS. The software also gives the possibility of managing and programming the key card readers with RFID transponder technology in credit card format (Mifare classic ISO 14443 technology, type A) for access to rooms and common areas.

With ClockPMS you can accept advance payments, too, both online and offline. You can access your reservations, reports, and more, anytime you want. Here at Innsoft we focus on hotel management software for independent, small and mid-sized properties with up to 350 rooms.